PTC/Onshape Teams Up With Boston Hospitals

PTC product definition engineer Jason Gainor has been volunteering with the Boston-based MasksOn project, which is developing durable protective personal equipment (PPE) that can be safely reused by medical professionals.

One of the biggest challenges facing medical professionals and first responders in the COVID-19 pandemic is that most masks and face shields are single-use and are disposable. There have been many reports of doctors being asked to reuse coronavirus face masks because of the shortage., a nonprofit collaborative project mobilizing top talent in medicine, technology and academia, is designing and building safe, durable, reusable and sanitizable medical protective personal equipment (PPE) for hospitals.

The first innovation was designing, testing and 3D-printing an air-tight adaptor to connect full-face snorkel masks to breathing filters already being used in hospitals. The 17th floor of PTC’s Boston headquarters, the Customer Experience Center (CXC), has been transformed into a factory for these snorkel mask adaptors. Mechanical, software and quality assurance engineers from Onshape, Vuforia and across PTC, have been collaborating with engineers from Google, Formlabs, and Verily, to iterate quickly.